ANAN-G2 HF & 6M 100W Ultra High Performance SDR (Without Front Panel)

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Introducing the ANAN-G2, the new generation ultra high performance SDR


The G2 (Gen2 SDR) provides the same stellar Receiver and transmitter performance as the earlier ANAN radios, however, it provides a huge leap forward in processing capability and flexibility in use case scenarios. 

  • Large FPGA with 930 GMAC/s of processing capability
  • Built-in Linux OS with Desktop running on a quad core Arm platform
  • Capable of Stand-Alone operation without a PC
  • Use it with a PC running Thetis
  • Hardware capable of remote operation (please note this is a future feature set not currently available)
  • Rich I/Os - 2 x HDMI 4K, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 x USB, 7 inch Touch Panel, Knobs/Buttons for use as a traditional radio and much more!
  • XLR Balanced Mic Input (built-in preamp) for Broadcast Quality Audio!

Watch this to get to learn more about the Gen2 Platform


  ANAN-7000/8000DLE MKII ANAN-G2 
FPGA DSP Peak Processing capacity 240 GMAC/s 930 GMAC/s
Number of DDCs 8 10
Stand-Alone Capability No Yes
Thin Client/Remote Capability No Hardware Capable (Future Feature Set)
Protocol 2 Support Beta Fully Supported
Built-in CPU No Yes
Balanced Audio Input No



This Version is without the front Panel LCD, Knobs and Buttons, more suited to those who like the PC interface for their SDR. Apart from this difference the Hardware and specifications are identical.

We are currently taking preorders with an estimated ship date of 22nd of May 2023. This special pricing is for the first 50 units.




General Specifications:

  • Architecture: Direct Sampling DDC/DUC Transceiver
  • Interface: Ethernet and PCIe (Internally)
  • Full Desktop Linux OS
  • Phase Noise (Clock): -149dB @ 10Khz
  • TCXO Stability (Typical): /- .1 PPM
  • Modes: CW, SSB, NFM, AM, Digital
  • Antenna Ports: Three BNC 50 ohms Software Configurable Ports, Three BNC ADC1 Bypass and Loop in ports, One BNC for RX2
  • Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz


Electrical Specifications:

  • 13.8v DC @ 25A, 2.5A Receive/25A Transmit


Mechanical Specifications:

  • 7.5Kg (approx. Weight)
  • Dimensions: 314MM (W) x 138MM (H) x 368MM (D) (Not including extrusions).


Receiver Specifications:

  • Receiver Architecture: Direct Down Conversion
  • Dual 16 bit Phase Synchronous ADCs
  • Independent filter banks for each ADC
  • 6M LNAs
  • Frequency Coverage: 9Khz to 60Mhz
  • Attenuator: 1-30dB step attenuator
  • Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR): 116dB @ 2Khz offset
  • Receiver Phase noise: -149dB @ 10Khz
  • Image rejection: 90dB
  • Hardware support for 10 independent receivers assignable to either ADC


Transmitter Specifications:

  • Transmitter Architecture: Direct Up Conversion
  • DAC Resolution: 16 bit
  • RF Output Power: 100W PEP SSB, FM, RTTY, Digital; 1-30W AM, 100W CW
  • IMD: IMD3 typically -68dB below PEP @ 100W output on 20M
  • Harmonics: Typically better than -43dBc on HF and -60dBc on 6M
  • Carrier and Opposite Sideband Suppression: Better than -80dBc
  • Transverter IF Output: 0db to 15dB



  • Audio Barrel Line In, Digital Inputs, PTT in, PTT Out
  • DB9 Seven Software Configurable Open Collector Outputs
  • SMA XVTR, 10Mhz reference Input
  • 3.25mm Barrel Mic, CW Key, Headphones and two Powered Speaker Outputs
  • Mini XLR Mic Input with preamp.
  • RJ45 Ethernet LAN Connector
  • 2 x HDMI 4K Video Outputs
  • 2 x USB Ports


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