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Our Team

Dr. Raju Sharma – Chairman

His academic repertoire includes a post-graduation in Physics from St. Stephens College, Delhi University and, in later pursuits, an M. Phil from the IIPA, Delhi and, thereafter, a PhD in Public Administration from Lucknow University in 2004.

He began his career in the IAS in Uttar Pradesh in 1982.  In his distinguished career as a bureaucrat and administrator Dr Sharma has held several key government positions,

As Director Policy in the Ministry of Small Scale Industries He played a determining role in the reformulation of the credit and support policies for the sector and in reforming the notions of reservation and equity investments in the SME sector in that period of 1991-97.

For a five year period, 2001-2006, Dr. Sharma held a quasi diplomatic position in the Government of India as the Joint Secretary of the National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention.  He remained, in this period, India’s Principal Negotiator at the International Body for the implementation of this important International Treaty on Chemical Weapons.

Dr. Sharma is also an award winning author and an avid theatre enthusiast.


Abhishek Prakash - CEO

Abhishek is a Commerce graduate with Post graduate specialization in Information Systems, Electronics & Communications.

He has worked in North America, Australia and India in various leadership roles, his experience of over 25 years includes risk management for financial institutions, Product development, People & technology management and as an Entrepreneur.

Abhishek holds several Copyrights and Patents and is an innovator at heart.


NEERAJ SHARMA – Vice President (Compliance)

He is a Radio and electronics enthusiast and hobbyist and an active Ham radio (Amateur Radio) operator and his call Sign is VU2NTT. He currently operates an Icom-706 and ANAN-100 SDR on amateur radio bands.

Neeraj is an agricultural economist by training and has over 25 years’ work experience in the development/financial sector in operational and administrative capacities both. He has handled and promoted livelihoods projects in geographies as varying as Andaman Nicobar Islands to the icy stretches of Leh-Ladakh.  He has wide experience in the areas of strategy development, handling large projects and consultancy assignments for Indian and external agencies like the Asian Development Bank.

He started his career as a researcher at G.B. Pant University of Ag. & Tech., Pantnagar. He has worked for NABARD, Care International; ICICI Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland NV, India in various positions.


M B singh – Vice President (Operations)

MB singh has experience of 27 years in radio communication, be it HF VHF / UHF or Microwave frequencies.  He has designed and implement India's first completely wireless citywide CCTV surveillance network for Shillong and Guwahati and wireless telemedicine projects for the Meghalaya government. He is a active amateur radio operator and DXer securing 12th place in the world and fourth in Asia twice in world's largest CQWW SSB contest.



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