ANAN-7000DLE Update

October 26, 2017

ANAN-7000DLE Update

We are happy to inform everyone waiting for the 7000DLEs that the factory has completed production of the first lot of PCBs, now we will commence integration of the electronics into the chassis and subsequent testing and burn-in of the radios, expected ship date is mid November.

Thank you for your patience!

The ANAN-7000DLE receiver performance should be virtually identical to the 8000DLE, however, it also provides additional Rx bypass ports.

Transmit linearity is excellent with typical IMD3 (PureSignal enabled) is 68dB below 100W PEP Output, this puts it almost at par with the 8000DLE.

Many thanks to Ken N9VV, Doug W5WC, Phil VK6PH, Warren NR0V, Joe K5SO for their help in preparing the Manual, Firmware and Software for the radio.

Here is a link to the Manual:


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