ANAN-10 PA IMD performance

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ANAN-10 PA IMD performance

Postby Conrad_PA5Y » Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:48 pm

Using 2 Tone testing I am a little surprised at the two tone performance of the ANAN-10 at 8W. The TX output however is very good so I wonder if I have a bad PA?

Here are some images:

First 28 MHz from the TX out with the PA disabled this is at the same level that produces 8W PEP in later measurements.


Now 28 MHz at 8W as indicated on the ANAN-10 Power meter I know that it is actually 9.2W PEP but it's less than 10W and should be better?


Now 50 MHz same output level:


Now at 3.5W on 50 MHz as indicated on the meter just about acceptable but still not great.

I expected better, are there any known modifications or adjustments to improve the linearity of the PA. I have seen bias adjustments for the 100W PA but not for the ANAN-10.


Conrad PA5Y

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