7000DLE perfect QSK?

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7000DLE perfect QSK?

Postby W1JA » Thu May 17, 2018 4:21 pm

Has anyone else noticed the incredibly awesome QSK performance of the 7000DLE, as reported in Adam Farson's test report? http://www.ab4oj.com/sdr/apache/anan7000dle_notes.pdf
See the CW QSK recovery test starting on page 29.

On page 30, he shows the ability to recover receiver audio between dits running at 60 wpm. The scope photo of the audio shows what looks like textbook-perfect ideal QSK. He also says the 7000DLE "is free of loud T/R relay sounds when keying" (page 34). He tested with regular protocol 1 firmware and regular PowerSDR version 3.4.9.

My 200D can't even approach these results. I've tested it, and I can just barely hear a tiny bit of receive audio recovery at a speed of about 12 wpm. And I could not say my 200D is free of loud T/R relay sounds when keying.

Can someone with a 7000DLE please confirm or deny these unbelievable results?
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Re: 7000DLE perfect QSK?

Postby W2PA » Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:40 pm

I noticed this too and am quite interested in knowing whether the 7000 is QSK-ready? I don't have a schematic to compare with my 8000, which is decidedly not QSK-ready. Although it could be made so, which is why I'm interested.

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Re: 7000DLE perfect QSK?

Postby K9RX » Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:47 pm

I've purchased 2 SPDT vacuum relays with the plan to replace the antenna relays on ANT1 and 3 ... I'm going to also modify ANT3 so that the armature is reversed and the RX antenna coming in (which is what i'm going to dedicate it to) isn't going to go to ground (and blow the RX preamp transistor) ... with a series 200 ohm resistor ala Yaesu... hopefully both quieting it down overall and eliminating the not so bright way it was designed. I'll post results when done. I've had them for a couple of months now - hopefully get to it soon.

I was the one that asked for (and we now have) the "RX ANT" button on the top panel as well as the ANT tab lock out for TX on ANT2 and ANT3 ... so I'll set ANT3 to "NO TX". My thanks to the developers for including that... I believe that was all Doug.


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