Why <fill in the blank> "doesn't work in Thetis..."

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Why <fill in the blank> "doesn't work in Thetis..."

Postby w-u-2-o » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:47 pm

1. Thetis is in beta. So you can expect things to be broken. However...Thetis is actually in pretty darn good shape. There are very few things "wrong" with it. Sure, just like in PowerSDR there are things that might not work the way you want them to, as opposed to being "broken", but by and large it all works as designed.

2. Protocol 2 firmware is in alpha. This is generally the root cause of difficulties, not Thetis. PureSignal not working? This is why. Crashing randomly when PTT is asserted? This is why. Crashing randomly after being in receive for a few hours? This is why. All of a sudden not able to find the radio on the network when it was just there a few minutes ago? This is why. Anything where power cycling the radio fixes it, this is why.

And, the real kicker, "Why does <fill in the blank> work on my friend's otherwise identical radio and not on mine?" The reason is:

3. Protocol 2 firmware is in alpha. It may or may not make timing properly on your particular serial number radio with your particular power supply at the particular temperature of your shack and radio.

So, as you boldly go where no one has gone before, remember that this stuff is not fully cooked, and don't be too quick to blame Thetis when it is more likely that it is the firmware at this point in the development cycle.

Oh, and be patient ;)



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