LatencyMon Benchmarks

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Re: LatencyMon Benchmarks

Postby Joe-W4WT » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:06 am

Hi Gary,

As you can see in my picture, cores 5, 6, & 7 are obviously not following cores 0 thru 4 and are running at a lower cpu rate so the Affinity change worked for me.

If you only moved the programs you wanted to core 6 and did not prohibit other programs from using Core 6 then that may be why you didn't see a change. You can't just move PowerSDR (and your other stuff) to Core 6 without removing other programs from using core 6 too, otherwise you haven't accomplished anything and in fact you may have hurt the apps you moved to core 6 as they now have only one core to operate on along with all the other programs that are using core 6 and all other cores.


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Re: LatencyMon Benchmarks

Postby K9RX » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:46 pm


Agreed ... however there are LOTS of things running ... I don't know how programs that do not run multi-thread (if that is the right term for actually using multi-cores by design) end up using a core ... if they are only typically on a core - then unless there is some randomness on how they're assigned I'd think that there might be a tendency to overload the lower core numbers - that was my assumption. So I selected the last core (which by the way on this i5 is actually core 3, not 6). That's what I was going with. But first and foremost i need to figure out a way to see my cores as TM is only showing the CPU results - I know I USE to be able to see cores - not sure why they removed/moved it on Windows10.

Also apologies for not being explicit... when I said it didn't change I meant there was no obvious bad result - it ran as normal with no visible (or audible) effect.

I have since played with it a good bit more - this time looking at turning on the resampler which previously never resolved and was always hunting. With both PSDR and WSJT on the same core - nothing else changed, I was able to see what appears to be an improvement in the resampler - there were times with certain settings, changing the Buffer size and the Buffer latency value/manual(auto) where it would settle down - only a single digit changing for a good couple of minutes ... but ultimately it too would 'run-away' with a sudden rapid change in the ratio and huge jumps in the OF/UF numbers ... so I don't know if that is 'better' or if it is just different... it was indeed different... I realized later that I really need to put VAC-M on the same core as well - but I've no clue where to find it in the services or details tab in order to change the affinity. There's nothing obvious - I could use help here if someone knows what its 'details' would be.

This is just an experiment - I agree with you that moving things off of the "radio system" core would be ideal - but unless there is a way to automate that we're just adding to the (already) many tasks required at computer/radio startup time ... I'm currently looking at a slightly less onerous set of changes to see if that improves things noticeably.

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