Attention: DL1YCF has ported pihpsdr to the MAC

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Attention: DL1YCF has ported pihpsdr to the MAC

Postby n9vv » Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:38 pm

Attention: DL1YCF has ported pihpsdr to the MAC

I am not a "MAC" person, so I will simply share the exciting news that Christoph DL1YCF has ported pihpsdr to the MAC. Both DL1YCF and Jackie K5JLC have been using it on a daily basis.

pihpsdr was originally created to run an Apache Transceiver control program on a popular RaspberryPi. pihpsdr is the Computer used in the real-knob pihpsdr-Controller from Apache: [url] [/url] Scott WU2O has posted a Community message with drawings about a new Controller-II with more concentric knobs and switches. Stay tuned for that announcement: [url]

Since that time pihpsdr has been modified and ported to a large Linux Desktop version called "linhpsdr". Christoph has used the original pihpsdr source code from John Melton G0ORX locted here: to run on his MAC.

here is a link to all the DL1YCF Apache control programs:

Please note that Christoph has cleverly added Virtual Audio Cables, PureSignal, Diversity, CW sidetone, and other improvements to the code. The MAC version seems to be running smoothly.

Please contact Christoph with any questions or ideas for improvement:
Christoph <DL1YCF at>

thanks for your interest in the MAC version of an Apache control program.

72/73 de Ken N9VV
73 de Ken N9VV

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