Trouble with your microphone? Read this...

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Trouble with your microphone? Read this...

Postby w-u-2-o » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:42 pm

Nearly everyone who reports trouble with their microphone is doing one of the following things wrong:

1. They have not read the user guide and made the proper connections. The user guide has a lot of faults, but identifying the connections on the microphone connectors is not one of them. You must make those connections properly. You must use a "stereo" TRS (tip, ring, shield) connector, you cannot use a mono tip-shield connector. Read your user guide, really read it, and understand which wire goes where. If you are not capable of making a microphone cable yourself (something that is a little disturbing in an amateur radio operator, I must say ;) ), there are a number of people/sources who will be happy to sell you what you need.

2. Using a unmodified PC microphone with a TRS connector and a rear panel attached PTT switch. Sadly this will not work. The reason is because the rear panel PTT connector is in parallel with the RING terminal on the front panel microphone TRS connector. That means the RING terminal on the microphone TRS connector will be shorted to ground when the PTT switch attached to the rear panel is closed. And, since the RING terminal on a PC microphone is used for the mic bias and is in parallel with the TIP terminal inside the microphone then this will cause the microphone to be shorted out whenever the PTT switch is used. This is also why you can get this to work with spacebar or mouse PTT, but NOT an external PTT switch. The answer to this problem is to re-wire the PC mic to not use the RING terminal.

3. Not turning on mic bias for a condenser microphone. If it's a condenser microphone and it doesn't work, you must make sure the mic bias is turned on. The user guides do a less good job at discussing how to do this. If you are lucky enough to have a 200D or an 8000 (and soon the 7000), this is easy, you can do it from the setup window (Setup > General > Hardware Config). On other radios you must open it up and make sure a jumper is placed properly. The jumper is in place by default from the factory.

4. Not turning on mic boost for a dynamic microphone. If it's a dynamic microphone and it doesn't work, you must make sure of two things a) the mic bias is turned off (see Item 2 above) and b) that mic boost is turned on. While you can get away with failing at (a), failing at (b), not activating mic boost, which is done from the setup window (Setup > Transmit) , will cause it not to work.

5. Not getting all of the audio levels set correctly. You must be hitting 0dB ALC to get the best performance from the radio. See the two audio setup thread that are "stickied" at the top of this forum.

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