Thetis Proper upgrade procedure

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Thetis Proper upgrade procedure

Postby kg2is » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:58 pm

Can someone point me to proper Thetis upgrade procedure from example ver 2.6.7 to 2.6.9 or 2.7.0 please?
Problem I have is every time I upgrade, still same version shows in upper left Thetis corner but I believe newer
version has been successfully updated.
I was trying to ask around local folks but many different opinions around.


Mike KG2IS :roll:
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Re: Thetis Proper upgrade procedure

Postby NC3Z » Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:06 pm

This is covered in another thread, but first go into Windows uninstall programs and see how many Thetis you have. If there are more than 1 you need to uninstall.

But the other thing when jumping several versions, especially when the database items get changed, do a database reset, and preferably re-enter your settings by hand. I keep screen shots of all my main setup screens and can quickly rebuild my database manually.
Gary NC3Z
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Re: Thetis Proper upgrade procedure

Postby w-u-2-o » Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:08 am

To amplify Gary's post, this is what I recommend:

Step 1: if you are upgrading from before 2.6.9, screen shot your settings, uninstall everything, reinstall 2.6.9 from the official release, redo your settings manually. Otherwise, if you've already got 2.6.9 skip to Step 2.

Step 2: if you want to experiment with 2.7.0, make a backup of your settings by exporting your database file just in case you need to go back to Step 1. Then download Richie's latest dropbox link from the official 2.7.0 topic and copy/paste those files over the top of what you've got in C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenHPSDR\Thetis

Advanced methodology:

Make a backup copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenHPSDR\Thetis

Make a backup copy of C:\Users\<your username goes here>\AppData\Roaming\OpenHPSDR\Thetis

Make your changes. See if you like them. If you don't, delete the two directories named above and rename (or copy) the backup directories back to their original names as given above.

You can keep as many versions on your hard drive like this as you like.
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Re: Thetis Proper upgrade procedure

Postby kg2is » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:33 pm


This work perfect.

Thank you

Mike :)

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