Thetis & Transverter on a 7000DLE

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Thetis & Transverter on a 7000DLE

Postby DL8LAQ » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:53 pm

Hi guys!

Does anyone know how to get a 2-m- transverter running? The XVTRs menu looks identical to that one in PowerSDR mRX PS, but I miss the XVTR button on the antenna control menu. If the XVTR is set to 144 MHz which is a 116 MHz LO, the receiver will work on 28 MHz like it should do, but since the XVTR IN is not active, the anenna remains connected to the RX, I see and receive 28 MHz signals. On the TX side I don't get xvtr drive power out of the XVTR SMA jack.

Thetis 2.6.0 and beta fw 1.3. I did not try that with fw 1.2 :-)

73, Norbert
73, Norbert - DL8LAQ - ANAN-7000DLE - Richie's 21C

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