Switching between Digi modes & SSB

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Switching between Digi modes & SSB

Postby therealboss » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:29 pm

Think I have found a bug in 2.5.3, When I fire up the radio (Anan200D) and work SSB, I'm getting good reports and I'm very happy with it. If I then change over to start working some JT65, the VAC is not working and I have to close down Thetis and start it again and then the VAC works grand. When I go back to SSB I have to close it all down again and restart it.

P2 (1.1) with Thetis

Virtual Audio Cable (paid version) under Win 10

Both SSB & Digi Modes work very well but changing between modes requires closing down and restarting Thetis

Hope this helps someone out.

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