Windows Sound devices not working well

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Windows Sound devices not working well

Postby TI4/N0URE » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:32 pm

I have been off-line for about a year and when I have returned to ANAN 100D and preformed Windows updates I find that
many of my sound devices are not working well. I am not able to get VAC to work with WSJT-X 2.1.0.

Moving to tests, first to test Windows I have removed ASUS ESTX II sound card and have returned to the mother board sound ports.
I do have YouTube output on the mother board output. If I use that same "Built-in Sound card Speaker" port in Open HP SDR 3.4.9 in VAC-1 Output slot with the MME drivers I do not hear any radio output on my speakers. Yes the bands are bad but even using Elecraft XG3 signal source I have no audio output. The signal display on the waterfall is good. I have stopped at this most basic test before moving on to VAC.

Has anyone recently worked through such a bad condition? I am afraid to call Microsoft, there common answer is to do a full re-install!


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