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Issue when using RX ANT function

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:57 pm
by K9RX
This was added to my compiled list of PSDR issues/requests:

-31 October 2019 Version L: When using the RX ANT capability on CW it turns out that the KEY DOWN has to be at a value of at least 30 (per Doug, W5WC investigating this) or one will get occasional HI SWR showing. He determined that RF is present on the RX relay with values lower than 30!! NOT a good thing to be happening. This is NOT however a good fix. When I use this with one amplifier, my Expert, even at a value of 30 I still occasionally get a HI SWR but nothing happens - all seems to be ok. When used with an Elecraft KPA1500 the amp will often trip out! Going to a higher value screws with the CW. At a setting of 50 the amp will no longer trip out - but the CW is terribly malformed (confirmed first by the fact that stations weren't able to copy my call and second by listening on a separate receiver). This needs to be fixed please - turn the RF off period!

I can imagine that there is nothing magical about a setting of 50 screwing with the CW and that it happens just less so at lower values - possibly even at 30.