CTUN issue with Transverter usage?

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CTUN issue with Transverter usage?

Postby DH1KLM » Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:32 am

I dont know if it only me, or is there a problem with CTUN in combination with Transverter usage.
For Example:
Lets say PSDR is tuned to 20m, CTUN is activ. Switching over to 2m Transverter FM mode, CTUN is inactive. After changing frequency or TXing,
going back to 20m and CTUN is now inactive. It is only inactive on 20m. All other Bands where CTUN was active before, are not affected
and they remain CTUN active. This behavior can be replicated with every Band.

When only switching to 2m Transverter FM mode and do nothing else (change Frequency, change Mode etc.) only RXing
then going back to 20m, CTUN is still active like before.

Am I doing something wrong or is it so intentional?

Another thing i noticed. If changing from lets say 20m Tune Step set to 100Hz, to 2m Transverter and calling a 12,5 KHz memory channel, then back to 20m, the Tune Step did not change back to 100Hz, it remains at 12,5 KHz and have to be set back manualy to 100Hz.
I bypass this behavior with a 20m 100Hz memory channel.

I hope my explanation was reasonably understandable.
73 de Sigi / DH1KLM

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