refund shipment cost

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refund shipment cost

Postby feedbak » Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:17 pm

:x I hope the financial department will read this post.

I bought ANAN 7000 last August , at this time the shipment was offered. When I sent my payment, I also sent the shipment cost. Apache labs confirmed, they will refund the shipment cost. USD 95 Since August I've sent lots of emails, Apache Labs always answer that they will do it but they don't, nothing happens, absolutely nothing .This story is now almost 4 months old. I don't understand why they say yes and why they don't refund. Is Apache Lab close to bankruptcy in Australia and you don't have any more money to refund $ 95, is Apache Lab not honest..I don't understand. The mails sent by Apache are just signed Apache Support there is no name.

Dear apache Lab, you have my email, you have everything you need for the refund, please refund immediately. Please be honest Thank You.
I've already bought two units in the past, it's not sure I will buy again if you're not serious.
Thank you again, for the promised refund.
Dear reader friends , I will tell you when I'll be refunded.

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