Kudos to Doug Wigley

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Kudos to Doug Wigley

Postby tcrothers57 » Tue Nov 03, 2020 7:03 pm

The Readers Digest version, as the whole thing would be too long and loquacious :

Several weeks ago, I (like a dummy) opened my 7000 DLE MKii Black Edition to try and figure out a hardware issue I was having. I got over my head in a short period time while trying to put the very small spaced Chinese Puzzle of PC boards and connecting cables back together again. In a nutshell, I ended up causing myself more problems.

I inquired within the Customer Support portal on the Apache Labs website, and in a very short time was answered by Doug Wigley in Arkansas regarding procedures to send the rig to him for service.

I sent the rig to Doug, and he graciously got into the rig and diagnosed several problems that most likely I myself caused by not using the most adept technician practices that I could (and should) have used. I know better, and as I told Doug - I'm embarrassed !

Regardless, I want to send out this posting to thank Doug for his kind and excellent customer service, and technical skills! And for that matter - let the group know! I have the rig back now, and so far it is working well. Of course, there were charges (as there should be) since I caused the issues myself, but they were minimal to my estimation.

Thank you Doug. I appreciate ya! (I hope I have posted this to the correct category in the Forum)

Westerville, OH

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