Yet another coupler

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Yet another coupler

Postby I4LEC » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:40 pm

Originally thought for a more conventional use, a bidirectional monoband coupler designed for a commercial solid state PA.

Main characteristics are:

Max input power 63dBm (2.000W)
IN/OUT impedence 50 Ohm
Coupling factor -45dBm @ 28MHz

Certainly a totally different approach from conventional ones, as being monoband, the coupling factor will change radically from 10m down to 160m, by a factor of 20dB, which is what normally we try to avoid, on the other hand, it only takes a piece of FR3 PCB of 3.2mm thickness, few connectors and a box.

Well, taking the advantages of the automatic PS attenuator, I discovered that 20db are just right for my setup, as a span of 200W to 2kW will fit perfectly.

The microstrip width turned out to be 5,8mm, for a coupling factor of -45dB, the length 48,6mm.

Attached, per band attenuation table and in and out view of the coupler

73, Clay
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