Anan 8000DLE:How to install a new band, 136 kHz, 472 kHz

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Anan 8000DLE:How to install a new band, 136 kHz, 472 kHz

Postby dk8nd » Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:24 pm

Dear OMs, here my problem:

My goal: Installing a new only receive band for LF 136 kHz and MF 472 kHz in the "Band-Switch" button field and assign a separate antenna-outlet to the new bands.

(1) What I did: Under the menue XVTR I created two new bands with the transverter-IF 0 Hz, that is direct receive-operation on 136 kHz and 472 kHz. The bands are accessible by the button VHF+ in the band-switch field. Reception is possible by the antenna matched and tuned for 1,8 MHz, that means poor results in reception.

(2) The block-diagram schematics shows, that the three antenna-outputs may be assigned only to Ham-bands on HF. Using RX2-Outlet seems not to be a proper solution, as RX2 is a subband-receiver without full performance that RX1 has, i.e. audio peak filter (10 Hz...35 Hz) and narrow-band if-filter 25 Hz-50 Hz as I use for listening cw. Building separate preselectors is not a problem for me. If receive-operation via the transverter-outlet is possible, then I must still switch off PA and bypass receiver-band pass filters on 1,8 MHz for only this purpose.

(3) Can it be that by transverter-operation I loose a band for transmitting and receiving on HF-Bands? Is transverter operation only possible on ham-bands predefined by software? I want to use both, ham bands and the transverter-bands. I do not want to change all settings manually in the setup menue ANT/Filters when going to LF/ MF.

(4) My Program: Power SDR Open HPSDR mRX PS v3.4.9(3/19/18).

Looking forward to Your replies,
Hans-Albrecht, DK8ND

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