IF frequency range for Transverters

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IF frequency range for Transverters

Postby K5TZA » Sun Sep 12, 2021 6:56 pm

Hello all,

A new Anan 7000 DLE MkII owner here and new to the Apache Labs community. So far I'm very impressed with the hardware, software, and the supportive community!

I'm testing the waters of VHF operation with one of the Ukrainian 2-m transverters, so I'm trying to get everything set up properly. I ordered the transverter for my prior radio and got the main frequency at 146 MHz with a 28 MHz IF frequency. Using an offset of 118 MHz and the 10m band as IF, it all seems to work well above 144.46 MHz. Below that, all signal drops out. That translates to a bottom end of 26.46 MHz in the IF.

I was able to use the 12-m band as the IF (under the Antenna setup tab) and it covered up to about 145 MHz with the transverter.

So my questions are:
1) Am I understanding this issue correctly or am I missing something in the operation of the hardware or software?

2) Does anyone know the frequency ranges by band supplied as the intermediate frequency for transverters?

3) Is it ok to run with multiple bands selected as transverter input under the Antenna setup?

Thanks for all the help. I apologize if there's existing info out there on this topic...did my best to find something but had no luck.

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Re: IF frequency range for Transverters

Postby ve2xx » Tue Oct 12, 2021 5:10 pm

Most IF 's are for 28 your transverter should do 28IF in , 144 out, at least that's what i have.

I use a similar setup with an antique MMT transverter 28 to 144 then 144 to 3456 , the only thing that is sometimes strange is that the GUI will not take anything above 2500mhz, i dont bother i set the button to 3456 what is displayed is 28, on the GUI

The probable reason the noise floor drops is because the filters are set for 28 and you are receiving 26,

you could i suppose change the filter BW , and see if that helps.

73's stu

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