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Postby A92GE » Sun Aug 30, 2020 8:19 am

I have just tried to interface my Anan200D (rev24 PA) with a transverter but I am receiving HF signals and transverter signals at the same time. I have searched the internet for a solution but cannot find anything.

I am using Protocol 1 ver 5.0. with OpenHPSDR .RX ver 3.4.9. I am using Protocol 1 because Protocol 2 will not work with my radio so no option to to try Thetis. I am using ver 5.0 firmware because ver 5.1 and 5.2 break Puresignal in my radio.

In the General/Antenna setup page I have the 10m radio button set to Ant 1 (my HF antenna) and XVTR checkbox ticked. In the XVTR settings I have set up the LO Offset, start and end frequencies and have RX Only and Inhibit PA checkboxes ticked.

Selecting the VHF band correctly sets the frequency. However HF and transverter inputs are combined. Similarly when on 10m I can hear the transverter signals.

I have seen references to this problem but no fix. Any ideas before the rig goes in the recycling?

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Re: Transverters

Postby w-u-2-o » Sun Aug 30, 2020 11:28 am

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Re: Transverters

Postby dk8nd » Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:50 pm

Dear David,
the problem You deal is part of the transceiver, mine is an ANAN 8000 DLE, controlled by Power-SDR. Please have a closer look to the block diagram. Find out all possible combinations of relays in the aerial path and TR-path to get familiar with, weather they seem to be useful or not. There are three outlets for TR-operation, Ant1...Ant 3. Using these with Your transverter, You loose an HF-Band. You must use the transverter-outlet on the back side of Your SDR-TRX for tx-signal to transverter, and the rx2-outlet also at the back side to be connected to the receiver-output of the transverter.
But the operation of the sec rx on the screen is not as comfortable as RX1. It seems to be that RX2 is just a second receiver as many "DX-rigs" have included. I use the RX1 for narrow-band reception of cw, IF-Filter Bandwidth 50 Hz or 25 Hz, audio peak filter 40 Hz or a bit less. RX2 cannot be tuned easily with software-buttons on the screen, at least not the IF-bandwidth. But RX2 has an editor for additional converters and ham-bands in the transverter-menu. There is no editor for ham-bands in HF for RX1. For operation on the lowbands 136 kHz and 472 kHz I must build transverters or use the generic RX on RX2 with additional preselector filters an receive amplifiers. See my post on this problem.

Best regards and 55,

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