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Skimming with Protocol 2 Firmware

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 3:04 pm
by Tom AA4VV
Hermesintf.dll is a DLL that connects to Skimmer Server to allow SDR radios to be used with skimmer.
I asked Vasiliy if he would update it to run with protocol 2 firmware on the Apache radios. He doesn't have the time now to do it.
Below is a comment he made about the DLl which is open source on github.

Anybody interested?

73 Tom AA4VV

Vasiliy's response:

However HermesIntf.dll is open source and Anan, or anyone with interest., is welcome to fork my github repository and add support for protocol 2. I'd be happy to merge code changes if someone wants to submit a pull request. here is the original source code repo link:

73 Vasiliy K3IT