CW sidetone problem 200D

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CW sidetone problem 200D

Postby G3ZQH » Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:08 pm

Anyone had a problem with sidetone with P2 v1.8, Thetis 2.6.7? I have been using CW recently and I have noticed a few differences compared with previous versions of P2:

1. I cant't adjust the CW sidetone audio level. This used to be possible in the transmit menu under TX AF. It is currently too loud and I can find no way to reduce the audio. I'm taking the sidetone directly from the 200D headphone socket. I am using semi break-in mode (QSK not suitable for my linear amp).

2. There are some strange audio effects, possibly as others have noted with ringing or echo effects on the sidetone, especially when using narrow CW filters (I commonly use 100Hz here because of local noise levels). I can overcome this to some extent by NOT selecting MON or sidetone.

3. When I try to Tune in CW mode the first time I get PTT but no RF out. Then the second time it works as normal. This happens after each time I key the rig.

I have tried the usual reset database without success. It is possible that I have some bad settings, so interested to hear how others have found sidetone in P2 and what settings are being used..

73 Dave G3ZQH

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