Angelia_Protocol_2_v11.6/ANAN-100D firmware released

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Angelia_Protocol_2_v11.6/ANAN-100D firmware released

Postby w-u-2-o » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:57 am

From Joe:


New firmware for Angelia/ANAN-100D Protocol 2 is available for download from

Be sure to use the DOWNLOAD button on the web page to obtain the download; do NOT double-click on the file name nor right-click “Save As” to download the file as doing either of these latter two actions will not download the 1.8MB file.

This Protocol 2 firmware must be used with Thetis or other Protocol 2 software; not PowerSDR (which requires Protocol 1 firmware in the hardware).

This version adds peak detection to FWD_PWR (AIN1) and REV_PWR (AIN2) and speeds up user ADC conversion rates x10. It also modifies the PHY Rx clock skew timing to (hopefully) allow use of the firmware on more ANAN-100D radios with less undesirable unit-specific behavior. The version also fixes the external PTT IN feature (pin 13 on the accessory jack of the ANAN-100D).

73, Joe K5SO

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