Orion_MkII_Protocol_2_v1.2/ANAN-8000DLE firmware available for download

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Orion_MkII_Protocol_2_v1.2/ANAN-8000DLE firmware available for download

Postby w-u-2-o » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:03 am

From Joe...


As both Protocol 1 (current protocol) and Protocol 2 firmware and software are being posted to the OpenHPSDR github repository these days I’ll make the announcement that Orion_MkII_Protocol_2_v1.2 firmware is available for download from the OpenHPSDR github repository:


This version improves PHY clock timing, implements peak detection for FWD_PWR (AIN1) and REV_PWR (AIN2) and increases the user_ADC conversion rates by a factor of 10 to improve SWR meter readings in software, when the Protocol 2 software is ready to make use of the new readings appropriately.

Note that to download files from the repository you should use the “Download” button on the repository page after selecting the file rather than trying to download by double-clicking on the filename or right-clicking and using “Save As” as neither of the latter two methods will actually download the file. If the *.rbf file you download is less than 1MB in size you have not downloaded the file properly and the thing you have downloaded will not run on any radio.

73, Joe K5SO

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