7000DLE Mk-II PTT IN issue?

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7000DLE Mk-II PTT IN issue?

Postby jf4fuf » Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:13 pm

Hello, All and ANAN's softwares divelopment teams.

I'm Yoshi JF4FUF.
I'm using ANAN-7000DLE MK2 for 1 month.

I found one malfunction in my ANAN-7000DLEMk-II.
Symptoms are as follows:

At CW Mode,
When the log software and PowerSDR are connected with virtual COM, Key and PTT will work correctly.
However, if ANAN PTT IN is closed in that state, ANAN will behave like a full break-in.
I want to use a footswitch via PTT IN, but this is not possible.

Usage environment
OS:Win10 64bit
PowerSDR mRX PS v3.4.9 and Orion MK2 Ver. 2.4

I don't think this can be solved with the PowerSDR settings.
Or will we have to wait for the 7000DLE Mk-II farm revision?

Does anyone have trouble with the same symptoms?

Yoshi JF4FUF

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