Orion MKII Protocol 1 Firmware Version 2.7 Released

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Orion MKII Protocol 1 Firmware Version 2.7 Released

Postby w-u-2-o » Sat May 04, 2019 8:14 pm

Posting this for Joe, K5SO (k5so@k5so.com)



I have reworked the timing on protocol 1 firmware for the 7000DLE/7000DLE MkII/8000DLE. This Orion_MkII_v2.7_K5SO_5-4 version works for the testers who have kindly tested it for me and it works fine here on 7000DLE and 8000DLE platforms.

This version includes the fixes implemented in recently posted versions that intended to fix Tx attenuator issues, including v2.4, v2.5, and v2.6 (and the non-public, "selected distribution" version of “v2.6” that is said to report as v2.4 that was being passed around by some people).

This v2.7 firmware version is an official HPSDR release version, fully public, that replaces those previous and various firmware versions that were previously undocumented and unposted on the HPSDR repository. Hopefully all future firmware versions will be properly released and posted before dissemination in order to avoid the confusion that has recently transpired.

It is my intention and expectation that this v2.7 version will function adequately on all 7000DLE/7000DLE MkII/8000DLE radios in the field but, should it not, I would appreciate specific feedback as to the model of radio you are using, and details of how you observe the failing event so that I may attempt to reproduce and remedy any such event.

The firmware is downloadable from:


Simply click on the “Download” button, don’t try to find a “releases” section on this repository page, there is none that contains anything of use.

Details of the changes made to create this firmware version are explicitly listed in the “Release_notes_Orion_MkII.txt” document on this page:


Thank you for your patience and testing.

73, Joe K5SO

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