lcd arduino signals

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lcd arduino signals

Postby marc » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:39 pm

Yet another stupid question :
Digging into the modified ON7EQ code for the Hermes, I was wondering where the signal TXRX_Status (IN_PTT variable, pin A7) came from?
- TXRX_Relay line (bufferized and probably inverted ?)
- PTT line from Alex 10 points header
- Another mistery signal fired by the SPI (as Alex's PTT line don't seems to be used anymore on Hermes, Angelia and Orion MK1, all release inclueded)
- Outer space (the digital truth could be beyond)

... as I'm a lazzy ham, I was just asking myself why my Angelia couldn't get a fancy LCD too, as most of the code modifications and adaptations have been already done. Adding an arduino-nano to measure Refl,fwd, I, U and Tx status is definitely not a big deal.

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