Network Connectivity = USB Ethernet or Router

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Network Connectivity = USB Ethernet or Router

Postby NN3RP » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:05 pm

Since inception of 7000dle I had it setup to PC via USB to Ethernet adapter. The PC has a direct ethernet connection to Verizon Fios router. It's been working happily since.

A while back I had sent for better quality ethernet cables (CAT 7) and replaced the PC to router and Anan to PC cables.....soooo....I decided to give the Anan a direct connection to the router.

After all the tedious work using Bootloader 2.0 / ProgrammerV2.0.4.10 to make it talk to router, I was disappointed when I checked the Resampler (OOOPS). Resampler numbers climbed high along with Overflows / underflows. I could hear pops frequently. It did not matter to unchecked / checked Resampler or Buffer Size still no Joy.

I reverted back to my original configuration and the OOOPs are happy again and no pops heard.

One noticeable fact was that Bootloader needs to be run with "admin" otherwise it will crash (automatically close) when "Test for Bootloader" was ticked.

Unless there is something making the Resampler to go bananas, I will keep it the way it works.

The pic attached shows my Resampler:


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