Anan 7000DLE issues.

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Anan 7000DLE issues.

Postby W4RAM » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:34 pm

I am looking for assistance; I just get my Anan 7000DLE last week, but a sequence of problems have caused me not to be able to put my radio to work properly. Bottom line is I lost the connections to my Anan, I am not able to "discovery" mi radio; that happen after I tried to update the software to last version (2.3). I am wondering if I have any options to "factory reset" the radio or if somebody can assist me to fix it.
Next is the two emails that I already sent asking for assistance. I know this is too long but just I try provide the more information that I can. Thank you for any advice or assistance.

1st. Email:
I have not been able to connect my Anan 7000DLE to my computer, I get the message: "Error starting hardware hpsdr, is it connected and powered ?.
These are my working conditions:

iMac 3Ghz Intel Core i5 8GB RAM MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4
Parallels: windows 10
Parallels network configuration:
I tried the following:
- Device/Network/Shared Network
- Device/Network/Bridge Network/Default Adapter
- Device/Network/Bridge Network/Ethernet
Software: PowerSDR OpenHPSDR mRX PS 3.4.9

2nd Option:
Laptop ASUS Intel Core i5 4GB Ram
Windows 10
Software: PowerSDR OpenHPSDR mRX PS 3.4.9

Router: FRITZ!Box 7490
Ethernet cable: CAT 6
Anan 7000DLE

I tried connecting the Anan 7000DLE direct to ethernet ports on each computer, and also, connecting the Anan 7000DLE direct to the internet router ethernet port with same results.

Also, when I connect the Anan 7000DLE to the ethernet port in the router, I don't see the router assign an IP address to the Anan 7000DLE.

2nd email
I am wondering if you can assist me with new issues with my Anan 7000DLE,

I already sent the first email with connections issues between my Anan 7000DLE and my PC's; however, after I moved the switch located in the bottom of the radio, I was able to connect the software to my radio, however, when I start the tune up process I see my radio doesn't transmit.

Due to this issues, I processed trying to update the Anan software following the instructions in the manual (using HPSDRProgrammer), for that moment I was able to discover my radio that was connected to my pc via ethernet cable; but after hit "program" y get the following message: "Power cycle and try again", after that, I was not able to discover the Anan again; I tried the switch on both positions but nothing happens, also I added "metis" to the software name (Oriion_Mkll_v2.3metis.rbf), I tried also connect the Anan to the same router where my pc is connected and nothing happens.

1. What can I do to recover the connection to my Anan 7000DLE
2. What is the bottom switch correct position to update the software? and what is the position of regular function?

What made the difference between the first and the second email was that I moved the switch

I really appreciate any advice or instructions that you can provide me, this is a frustrate situation.

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Re: Anan 7000DLE issues.

Postby dj1yr » Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:53 pm

Hello Al,

first flash the FW again, to 7k dle off, -> bootloader mode switch on, radio on, connect directly to the PC! , - start HPSDR bootloader software version as administrator -> choose the right network -> press "test for bootloader", this may take a while -> rename the Orion_mk2 2.3 firmware to Metis.rbf, then select the renamed file and program.

If all this worked, call "IP" -> read IP -> then enter new IP to, that sets the radio in the DHCP mode -> Write IP.

please try that first so far.

regards René
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Re: Anan 7000DLE issues.

Postby W4RAM » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:26 pm

Mr. Rene,

Thank you for responding to my request, your instructions allowed me to recover my Anan 7000DLE, and now with the new FW; you put an end to three restless days trying to understand what I should do; The Anan is now working well, now I'm going to adjust the microphone and the power. I take the opportunity to ask you a question: if I want to connect the Anan 7000DLE directly to my PC (not through the router); Should any additional process be done? And if I do this, could the connection that was made to connect it to the router be unconfigured? again thank you very much.

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Re: Anan 7000DLE issues.

Postby w-u-2-o » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:14 pm

To connect your radio directly to your PC, choose and configure a static IP on your PC network interface. Then use Bootloader as described above to set a static IP in the radio in the same subnet.
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Re: Anan 7000DLE issues.

Postby W4RAM » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:46 pm

Thank you Sir.


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