Pure signal not working modified anan 10-E

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Pure signal not working modified anan 10-E

Postby cleanrf » Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:55 pm

My setup is an ANAN 10E with PowerSDR mRX PS v3.4.6. I have removed the small jumper between J3 and J29. I have a homebrew T/R relay box "pictured below" configured like the top of Ricks page. http://www.qsl.net/wa6nut/PureSignal
My amplifier is a homebrewed pair of BLF188XR that produces around 1 KW of output peak power in ssb mode. I am using the xtronics sampler and an additional 10dB inline attenuator fed from the FORWARD port then the RX port at the Anan 10E, the REVERSE port of the sampler has a 50 dummy load attached. I believe all of the settings are correct at the radio, it show puresignal to be working and is flashing green regularly with my voice peaks but when doing the 2 tone test at different power levels it does not seem to be correcting the IMD, it seems roughly the same to me.
Scott you mentioned in an earlier post about modifying K19 and adding an SMA jack to back of the anan. I assume you meant etch the trace going to ground and attaching a small coax there? Anyway my other concern is crosstalk, I have read that the early junkbox relay prototype TR Plus board had horrible isolation and would not work correctly. My T/R relay is pictured below. Does anyone have any suggestions? I followed w1aex's guide to setting up puresignal.

The tr relay below has a cover its just removed for photos.
The braid wrapped around the BNC 90 is just to keep it from falling behind desk :D

Thanks in advance.
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