ANAN 8000DLE Erratic sensitivity

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ANAN 8000DLE Erratic sensitivity

Postby vu2mb » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:51 am

Hello Friends,

I faced sensitivity issue sometime back and then it was because of high temperature and resettable fuse was the reason as after few hours it was working again. it happened few times. Now sensitivity goes down when temp is around 33 33 degrees and noise floor goes down to -150-155 dbm.

At this stage Puresignal too does not work as there is no change in attenuation as S-ATT remains at 0 and puresignal keeps waiting for feedback.

When I hit TUN and transmit couple of times, often times sensitivity comes back sometimes i leave the radio off for several hours and later when i press TUN and sensitivity it comes back.

When sensitivity is lost in the main RX, RX2 works properly.

Please suggest how to find out the fault and correct it.

Thanks for sparing time.


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