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Need a factory box for black 7000DLE mkII

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 12:53 am
by rbduck
I bought my hardware before Christmas when the company was offering free shipping. And great shipping it was. I got the tracking on a Monday and by Wednesday the radio was on my desk. I also appreciate the rapid shipment. Te FedEx guy said they had to dropped a chunk of change to get it from India to me that fast. I expected 14 days. That was great service. The packaging was also great. It had to be because the plastic and the box was in terrible shape. I have been trying to get another packing box. I've sent a number of emails to the company asking for a new box. I've explained that I do not mind paying for the box and the shipping. I don't mind that at all. So far I haven't received a response that they actually received the emails. The last email said they if they can't get me a box, just tell me. I won't be upset. Even that got no response. I also asked for schematic for my radio. Nadda.

Maybe I've been sending it to the wrong address. I can understand that. Is there an email address I can send a request to that will accomplish what I'm asking? I'm in no rush. I would just like a good box to send it for repairs in if ever needed. I threw the other on away. I probably should have at least kept the foam. Hindsight.
Thank you for your attention. This forum is great. I have learned a lot about many things. I'm no expert but I'm an inch closer.

73 and Best Regards,

Re: Need a factory box for black 7000DLE mkII

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 10:53 am
by w-u-2-o
FWIW, while I agree the factory owes you the courtesy of a response, it seems unlikely that even under the best circumstances they would ship you an empty box halfway around the world.

Perhaps someone who has the same radio but does not subscribe to the desire to also own the original box would be willing to send you theirs.

I've also been trying to get the factory's attention with respect to releasing the 7000 and 8000 schematics publicly, but have not received a reply either over the last few months.

Re: Need a factory box for black 7000DLE mkII

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 1:36 pm
by rbduck
Thank you Scott, That makes me feel better. Yes I kind of thought that might be a long way for just an empty box. The question to myself was do I really need the box or was I just being obsessive? Naa. Maybe a little obsessive. I really would like a set of prints though. I don't want to work on it , but I would like to know what I'm looking at a little better sometimes. That's not crucial either, just a want.
Thanks again for the answer.

Re: Need a factory box for black 7000DLE mkII

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 10:48 am
by administrator
Hi Ruben,

We have received and replied to several of your emails over the past few weeks, it seems that your ISP is blocking us,

We are happy to ship the box to you, however, since the volumetric weight is 6.5Kgs the shipping cost might be prohibitive,


Apache Labs Support

Re: Need a factory box for black 7000DLE mkII

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 11:10 am
by rbduck
Yes , you have to love these email/ISP providers. Anytime I send an email to a business and don't get a response, I check "Spam" , "Bulk" and anywhere else that an email might land. I suppose your's went to the place nobody has access to. I appreciate your trying. Go ahead and shoot me a price and let me see if I want it if you can. I'm in no rush so it can go the lest expensive means possible. I'll give it to you , those boxes are great . It's the best packed hardware I've received in a long time. I bought a new Astron Power supply and when it arrived the foam had compressed so much it was actually flopping around inside the box loose. I will say though that it is a very heavy piece of equipment. I buy very heavy industrial equipment at work a lot and they never arrive like that.
Thank you very much for the response and please give me a price.