ANAN-10E: rubber feet melting

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ANAN-10E: rubber feet melting

Postby AB2EZ » Fri May 31, 2019 5:02 pm


I have an ANAN-10E that I have been using for several years. It is standing on one side... with the white bottom cover label facing forward. I have a small fan blowing air over the heat sink.

This morning I noticed that the 4 gray rubber feet that came with the unit are melting. If I touch one, gray color comes off on my finger. The unit is working fine, and the bottom surface (which the rubber feet attach to) is just barely warm. Some of the gray color has run down, from the top left rubber foot, on to the bottom cover... and acts like wet paint if I touch it with my finger.

Not exactly a serious problem... but has anyone seen this?


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