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ADC 2 not working?

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:22 pm
by Justin
I have an Anan 200D, I have been enjoying the radio for over 3 years. I finally got around to installing a Butternut HF9V to use as a second antenna for diversity operations. I connected the HF9V to the Ant2 BNC at the rear of the radio. I double checked that the ADC2 was setup to use Ant2, all was well.

At least I thought that was the case. I am getting no/zero signal indication from the ADC2/Ant2 setup.

The ADC1 seems to work well connected to the Ant2. My question is, have I inadvertently screwed up my settings or do I have a bad ADC2. Sorry for the dumb question.

Using both antennas with ADC1 the diversity seems to work very well. MultiRX is fantastic also. Do I really need the second ADC?

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Re: ADC 2 not working?

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:13 pm
by w-u-2-o
If you take a look at Page 60 of the user guide, you will see that the Ant1, 2 and 3 connectors only service RX1, while RX2 is only connected to a dedicated connector on the back labeled (somewhat erroneously) as "RX2".

Unfortunately, the documentation is quite poor/confusing with respect to what that really means. I recommend you print the diagram on Page 60 and wherever it says "RX1", scratch that out and write "ADC1". Then, wherever it says "RX2", scratch that out and write "ADC2". Then it will become clearer what the signal path really is.

The output of the ADCs can then be assigned, as you have discovered, to the various software defined receivers that exist wholly within PowerSDR. There are more than two, but you really only have access to RX1 and RX2.

So you must connect your second antenna to the "RX2" connector, and then assign ADC2 to RX2. There is no ADC3, by the way.

If you assign both RX1 and RX2 to ADC1 then they are both seeing the exact same signal from the same antenna and no diversity is possible. Read this thread.



Re: ADC 2 not working?

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:59 pm
by Justin
Well, I was reading it wrong. ADC2 works fine when connected to RX2 and not Ant2. Had to go looking for that BNC.

That has brought up a bunch of other questions I will save for a latter date.

Thanks for the quick reply Scott.