Need a different profile method re DIG mode/60M

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Need a different profile method re DIG mode/60M

Postby K9RX » Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:12 pm

Here's the issue... there is a, one, TX profile for DIG mode. I only use FT8 (and now FT4) so for the most part that isn't a problem - and with most stations it won't be a problem. But IF one wants to operate on 60M it IS a problem!

On 60M because of the restricted 'window width' I have to either have 2 different profiles and have to change when going to and from 60M... a real PITA since I'm doing this often especially of course at night when 60 is open ... if you desire a profile that is wider than the max width for 60M, which is 2.8Khz, and you forget when going to 60M to go back to a designated "60M" width profile of 2.8Khz the moment you go to transmit it will hiccup - and turn off the radio!

So I just leave a profile of 2.8Khz but that means, more and more with more activity on all the other bands, that i'm not going to be able to transmit above about 2.7Khz (it tapers off the closer you get to the defined edge). Now with activity gaining I'd like to run more like 4Khz for this window...

suggestion: either allow a dedicated DIG mode TX profile for 60M OR know when using the existing (wider) profile you have to narrow it to 2.8Khz when on 60M.

Gary, K9RX

[there is also a problem when using F/H mode - or rather F/H mode WON'T work on 60M! As soon as the program shifts the radio to keep the tone around 1.5Khz it again trips out - gives you the panel about being out of band and turns off the radio. One has to literally manually move the tone tx frequency. Not sure what can be done about this other than stop limiting transmit on 60M and rely on the operator to KNOW where he can and cannot transmit, like is done on every other band]

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