OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS with DXLab Commander using VSPE

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OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS with DXLab Commander using VSPE

Postby W2PA » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:42 pm

This is how to hook up OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS with DXLab Commander using VSPE. Other pairings should work similarly. And other virtual serial port utilities should work similarly too, such as com0com or VSPM, which others have reported have worked well.

VSPE works fine. Order on the web Eterlogic Web site, You get a registration key a little later via email. It might be quickly or slowly depending on when you order.

Begin with both OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR and DXLab Commander not running.

Start up VSPE, choose Device - Create from the menu.
For Device type, choose Pair and click Next
Choose two unused COM ports, it doesn't matter which as long as they are unused, click Finish
You'll see your new pair of ports listed in the main VSPE window

Start OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR
Open Setup to the CAT Control tab
On the left, for Port, select one of the ports you created above (let's say, the first one in the pair)
The other settings under the probably don't matter but I chose 4800,none,8,1
Check the Enable CAT check box and click OK
Click the POWER button if you haven't already done so, to turn on PowerSDR.

Start Commander, click the Config button
On the Ports tab choose the other port number you created above (the second one in the pair)
The other settings probably don't matter. Mine are 4800,8,none,2,On,On (note they don't match those above)
Exit Setup

Commander and OpenHPSDR should now be talking to each other. You might have to change frequency a bit to sync the Commander display.

You can use the multi-radio capability in Commander to set up two radios under the Multi-Radio tab of Config, but after you have already set up each radio separately, one at a time. By this I mean, set up Radio1 in the Ports tab, add that radio to the Multi-Radio tab using the port you just set up (whether physical or virtual). Then set up Radio2 in the Ports tab, and add it to the Multi-Radio tab using the different port you set up for Radio2.

Click the "Enable" box for both of them on the Multi-Radio tab. Now you should see two radio buttons in the main Commander window under the VFO display that let you choose one radio or the other. Nice! You can set up more than two using this procedure.
Chris, W2PA
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Re: OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS with DXLab Commander using VSPE

Postby w-u-2-o » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:09 pm


What model radios did you use in the settings? I run the DXLabs suite, and in PowerSDR I have it identifying as "PowerSDR", and in Commander I am using "SDR-5000" as the radio model type. This seems to work quite well.



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