QSK with Thetis

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QSK with Thetis

Postby w9ac » Mon Sep 27, 2021 2:55 pm

For many CW operators, full QSK with Thetis is a pleasure to use. When QSK is engaged, Thetis defaults several operating values (e.g., AGC). However, since implementing full QSK, I noticed that on bands 20m-6m, moderately low AGC hang-time settings resulted in slow QSK recovery.

So, why only 20m-6? Internal RF leakage strength into the 7000DLE receiver during transmit increases with an increase in frequency. This may, or may not be an issue with other ANAN transceivers. Internals of the transceiver, including cable routing can impact leakage. By trial-and-error, I discovered that the slow recovery impact is eliminated by running the AGC (H)ang line up near the top of the GUI display.

If slow QSK recovery is an issue for you, simply grab the hang line with the mouse and slide it up. Bring it up far enough to achieve artifact-free recovery. Keep in mind that output power will have an effect on AGC hang placement.

That's it. QSK is now smooth and artifact-free from from 160m through 6m.

Paul, W9AC

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