Balanced (XLR) microphone connections

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Balanced (XLR) microphone connections

Postby w-u-2-o » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:29 pm

Good (use shielded mono audio cable and bond XLR pins 1 and 3 at the microphone end):


Better (use balance microphone cable and bond XLR pins 1 and 3 at both ends):


Best (use a matching transformer):


Typical example: Neutrik NA2F-D0B-TX miniature matching transformer (make your unbalanced cable shielded and short):


Regardless of what the illustrations above show, you must NOT use a mono (tip, sleeve) plug with the ANAN series radios. You MUST use a stereo (tip, ring, sleeve) plug. Use the tip and the sleeve ONLY and make no connections to ring unless you want to provision a PTT switch.

Set up your radio as follows (Setup > General > H/W Select) for a dynamic microphone, only enable BIAS if you are using a condenser microphone:


With a dynamic microphone you will also need to activate MIC BOOST (Setup > Transmit):

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Re: Balanced (XLR) microphone connections

Postby W1AEX » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:23 pm

Very nicely illustrated Scott, and it should be helpful to anyone running audio into the ANAN's 1/8 inch TRS MIC jack. When running a balanced microphone (typically found with studio dynamics) into an unbalanced input (like what is found with the 1/8 inch TRS jack of the ANAN rigs) I have always used the second approach you illustrated and found it to have very high immunity to RF ingress and hum.

In all cases, I would avoid the cheaper spiral-wound shields used in some Pro Audio mic cable and stick with the braided shield that is found in the better quality mic cable. That spiral wound stuff does not hold up well and is not necessarily up to speed when it comes to handling mic or line level audio in an RF environment.

Thanks for posting this!


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