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by K5HS
Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:39 pm
Forum: Everything Else: Antennas, Relays, Switches, Power, Grounding, Cooling, etc.
Topic: Computer chip shortage
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Computer chip shortage

I just saw on local tv news regarding a shortage of computer processor chips causing a backlog in equipment including automobiles.
I'm wondering is this shortage may affect anan production?
by K5HS
Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:26 pm
Forum: Orion Mk II Firmware (7000DLE, 7000DLE MKII, 8000DLE)
Topic: noob ? firmware preinstalled?
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noob ? firmware preinstalled?

I have a black face 7000 MKII on order.
Can I assume no firmware is installed on the radio, and I will have to decide to install P1 or P2(I plan to uses Thetis)?

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