ANAN-100B HF + 6M 100W All Mode SDR Transceiver

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* 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
* Assembled & Tested
* The Customer is responsibe for any Duties, Taxes or levies charged by customs during import.

Please note that we can now ship directly to the UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Spain.

Declarations of Conformity
The ANAN-100B complies with FCC Part 97 rules for the Amateur Radio Service.



  • Rugged Extruded Aluminum Housing, Weight: 4.5Kgs approx, Dimensions: 265.5mm (W) x 220mm (D) x 80mm (H)
  • RD100HHF1 Mosfet 100W Linear amplifier (160M-6M), Pure Signal feedback network built in
  • Combination of 7 LPF and 5 HPF Banks for front end Filtering (User Configurable as well)
  • 6M  LNA
  • Software Configurable Triple antenna ports
  • Supports 2 fully independent receivers (sharing the same antenna - and with suitable PC software)
  • Each receiver can display 48/96/192/384Khz of spectrum
  • 100W RF output on 160 – 6m amateur bands
  • Built-in high performance preamp, with a noise floor typically -135dBm in 500Hz
  • Software-selectable 61dB attenuation 31dB (1dB steps) and an additional 10dB, 20dB blocks
  • Full QSK operation (performance dependant on associated PC and control software)
  • Low-level transmitter output for transverter use via user-selectable output attenuator
  • Stereo audio outputs at line and headphone levels
  • In-built  1W stereo audio amplifier for directly driving speakers
  • Direct, de-bounced connections for a Morse key (straight or iambic) and PTT
  • Low phase noise (-132dBc/Hz @ 1kHz) 122.88MHz master clock, which can be phase-locked to an internal 10MHz TCXO or external fequency reference
  • 2.5PPM Frequency Reference @ 10Mhz
  • Industry Standard TCP/IP network Ethernet interface supports static, APIPA or DHCP IP address


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