ANAN-200D HF + 6M 100W All Mode SDR Transceiver

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Declarations of Conformity
The ANAN-200D complies with FCC Part 97 rules for the Amateur Radio Service, CE and RTTE for the EU.

Cyclone IV EP4CGX150 FPGA -  150,000 Logic Elements
-48dB IMD3 @ 14.2Mhz, 100W PEP (with Puresignal enabled), predistortion does not require any additional hardware
Two Independent phase coherent 16 bit LTC2208 Front Ends

10MHz 100PPB reference oscillator

The ANAN-200D is The most powerful Amateur Radio Transceiver available today, it builds on the very successful OpenHPSDR Hermes and the Apache Labs Angelia designs and offers unprecedented performance/functionality not available in any other HF/6M radio transceiver.

There are many firsts that the ANAN-200D/Orion introduces in the HF radio space, like the ANAN-100D this is a dual phase coherent receive system with an extremely robust and sensitive front end and opens up possibilities of applications such as Diversity reception.

All major controls and settings such as PTT/Mic/Bias/External reference switching is under software control or automated, hence this is an ideal platform for those who would like a consumer plug & play SDR solution.

The ANAN-200D/Orion has been designed keeping in mind advanced applications and uses the largest FPGA in any commercially available Amateur Radio SDR, the current implementation uses less than 35% of the resources and has more than adequate headroom for the future applications.

Key Features & Specifications :

  • Cyclone IV EP4CGX150 FPGA -  150,000 Logic Elements
  • Two Independent phase coherent 16 bit LTC2208 Front Ends
  • Supports multiple Independent receivers covering 160M through 6M
  • 160M - 6M All mode Transmitter (limited only by Software)
  • 125dBm Receiver Dynamic Range (All Three Front Ends have identical Dynamic Range)
  • Supported sampling rates  48/96/192/384 kHz
  • 1.152Mhz of display spectrum with .732 Hz resolution
  • Software-selectable 31dB input attenuators in 1dB steps
  • Blocking Dynamic Range (ARRL Method) no detectable gain compression
    below ADC overload
  • Transmit and receiver image rejection > 110dB
  • Full duplex operation, any split over entire 160m to 6m range
  • Extremely Sensitive Receiver, -138dBc MDS @ 14.2MHz, 500Hz bandwidth
  • 10MHz 100PPB reference oscillator
  • Ultra low phase noise master clock  -149dBc @ 10Khz separation
  • DUC Transmitter 160M to 6M
  • -48dB IMD3 @ 14.2Mhz, 100W PEP (with Puresignal enabled)
  • Automatic 10Mhz internal/external clock switching
  • Software controlled Mic, Mic Bias and PTT
  • Onboard 128MB Flash
  • Onboard 32Mbit Synchronous RAM
  • Industry Standard TCP/IP network Ethernet interface supports static, APIPA or DHCP IP address
  • FPGA code can be updated via the Industry Standard TCP/IP network Ethernet connection
  • Seven user-configurable open-collector outputs, independently selectable per band and Tx/Rx (for relay control, etc - with sequencing via PC code)
  • Separate open-collector PTT connection for amplifier control, etc, with sequencer
  • Four user-configurable 12 bit analogue inputs (for ALC, SWR etc)
  • Three user-configurable digital inputs (for linear amplifier over temperature, etc)
  • Low phase noise (-140dBc/Hz @ 1kHz,  14MHz) 122.88MHz master clock,
    which can be phase-locked to an internal 10MHz 100PPB TCXO or external frequency


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