10W PA Board for Hermes

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Orders commence shipment from 5th October on first come first serve basis, you will receive an email from us once your order comes up in the Queue.

Apache Labs is NOT taking any mode orders for the Hermes Card and the 10W PA.

*30 day Warranty against Manufacturing Defects
* Does NOT include the OpenHPSDR Hermes Card



  • Mosfet 10W Linear amplifier (160M-6M) gives 15-20W out on HF and 10-15W on 6M
  • LPFs for the PA harmonic suppression and receiver filtering
  • Software Configurable Triple antenna ports
  • SWR Bridge, enables Forward and Reverse Power plus SWR to be displayed using suitable PC software.
  • T/R, LPF Switching using mechanical relays (gold plated contacts)


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